What is Smilo?

If you have been following us on social media, purchased some of our new products, or visited us at a show, you may have noticed the new Smilo logo. Nature Nate’s LLC is slowly transitioning to using Smilo as our new brand name. 




Smilo is short for “it’s milo,” and milo is another name for sorghum. We are best known for our popped sorghum, and we are working on developing other sorghum-based products, so Smilo is a perfect name for us. Smilo is similar to the word “smile,” which is reflected in the Smilo logo. 

Additionally, there is another company with the Nature Nate’s name. We are transitioning away from using the name Nature Nate’s LLC to avoid further confusion. 

If you have searched online for our company, you may have seen organic honey products bearing the Nature Nate’s name. The Nature Nate’s Honey Company is an entirely different company from Nature Nate’s LLC, but because of the same name, there has been much confusion among customers, retailers, and employees. By transitioning to the Smilo brand name, we hope to minimize confusion and eliminate unnecessary issues.