About us

First, let me tell you our goal – To make tasty healthy natural food using local ingredients.
People always ask me, “How did you get into this”? I started out with popped wheat – it’s nothing new, in fact my mother made it for me when I was a kid…I can remember begging her to make me some. As I became an adult I pop wheat once in a while – slowly perfecting the formula and technique. As parents, we are always searching for healthy snacks, especially for food that is good on the road or as snacks at school. I began making popped wheat for my family quite often;  friends of my children were able to try it during snack time at school – they all loved it, even the picky eaters! I shared it with other friends and associates – they loved it too, some even prompted me to sell it.
Chuck’s Produce was the first to sell my snacks. Customers seem to like it, I was able to give out a lot of samples there. I especially love the reaction of people who try it for the first time, some are overwhelmed by the tasty, crunchy goodness.  People would give me feedback while I sampled there at Chuck’s, I always jot down notes. I noticed right away that there was a large percentage of people who are either allergic to wheat or won’t eat it because of the gluten and/or fear of GMO’s (genetically modified organism’s). That’s when I started researching gluten free grains. I eventually came up with Glorious Grains – 11 whole gluten free and GMO free grains and seeds, popped and roasted to perfection. I worked a few local farmers markets here in the Vancouver Washington area; by going this route and demoing at Chuck’s I received even more valuable feedback; what I heard was that people especially like the sorghum in the Glorious Grains. I received requests to pop it SOLO for people; it soon became my top seller at the farmer's markets…that’s when I knew I had something. 
Today I am completely focused on sorghum based products, the main one being Popped Sorghum, but new sorghum based products are on the way! I have curated an array of delicious flavors of Popped Sorghum in 2 different sizes.