Popped Sorghum Vegan Trio

popped sorghum sorghum

Our Vegan Trio includes our top 3 best selling flavors; Coconut Oil Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Avocado Oil and Sea Salt, and Rosemary Garlic. All three flavors are vegan with minimal ingredient lists at less than 4 ingredients each. These simple snacks are packed with flavor and nutrition that make them a great option for your next snack. Our Vegan Trio is available in a 4.3 oz case of 6 (2 of each flavor) and in a 2 oz case of 6 (2 of each flavor). You can purchase your Vegan Trio of Popped Sorghum at this link:


We hope you give this delicious variety a try and fall in love with this tasty snack!

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