Popped KAMUT®

It's time we talked about Popped KAMUT®; It's certified organic, which subsequently means non GMO. Nature Nate's Pops this super grain in cold-pressed coconut oil and compliments it with garlic and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. It's certified organic with the WSDA. It's a crunchy hardy snack with a ton of protein. Yummy!!!

This is an ancient type of wheat grain that was taken out of Cairo in the 1960's and then protected, It's been rumored that people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can eat this grain. We will make no claim in regards to this, but it might be worth investigating.

The Whole Grains Counsel has 3 clinical trials showing some of the benefits of using this awesome grain, which include; LDL (“bad”) cholesterol decreased 7.8%, and certain markers of inflammation dropped 23 to 36%, blood levels of potassium and magnesium – two key minerals many of us are lacking – rose 4.6% and 2.3% respectively. Also, a 2016 study with type 2 diabetes patients, showed reductions in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Additionally, the subjects’ blood insulin levels fell 16.3%, their glucose levels decreased 9.1%.  https://wholegrainscouncil.org/blog/2017/12/health-studies-kamut%C2%AE-wheat-vs-modern-wheat

This snack can be used as a topping on salads and has many other possibilities. It's light crunchy nutty flavor is irresistible. It's exceedingly healthy and astonishingly delicious!

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