B-STOCK Popped Sorghum Avocado Oil & Sea Salt - 24 pack

$91.00 $140.00

Available for a limited time, 24 pack of B-Stock Avocado Oil & Sea Salt Popped Sorghum. We have a new batch of grain that we are popping and it is great! This grain pops fluffier than ever, which means that our packaging machine is overfilling the bags and pieces of popped sorghum were getting stuck in the seal of the package. This happened to many bags of 5 oz Avocado Oil and Sea Salt Popped Sorghum. These products are still fresh and good to eat with a sufficient seal. We would like to sell them at a discounted rate of 35% off. This round of B-Stock will be done in a different way than usually in that we have boxes of 24 bags each for sale that will be 35% the regular price of 24 5oz bags. These products will be shipped in reused boxes as to promote sustainability and lower our waste as a small business. We appreciate your support and hope you partake in this sustainable product.

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